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On the 26th of June in the year of the Metal Tiger, with the moon in the constellation Capricorn on the accepted calendar in use the Sun kissed the horizon, and ushered in the 1st full moon following the Summer Solstice of 2010. These new born thoughts are delivered to you on the 27th.  Why is Gyroscope7, “We Share the Same Journey” Blog being introduced at this time? The simple answer, albeit cryptic or abstract, today is the TIME, because tomorrow is the next day.  So, by default it becomes the key to procrastination. Therefore, ‘tomorrow’ is an oxymoron or more politely stated - a paradox.  That elusive day we perpetually look forward to as it dances across the horizon of infinity will forever be in the future.  And, from the severed artery in the Gulf of Mexico that connects the oceans to the rhythm of the earth’s pulse we polarize our thinking to the loss of income rather than the slow asphyxiation of ecosystems.  Why, because it is difficult for us to maintain a heading in the best interest of all of us – mineral – plant – animal - hue-man, and other.
Yes, my beloved and often estranged members of the hue-man clan - who remain filled with questions to recognize our DNA siblings in the family of earthlings. The challenge is profound to fathom that we are one?  In light of the vile and unspeakable things we inflict upon each other - often orchestrated by some of the most ingenuous sociopaths that have ever walked the face of this earth. More importantly, the very planet that sustains us, we disrespect born from the illusory disconnect fueled by those who catalogue our core “beliefs” to question our oneness.  We are taught from a codex of fragmented information that fuels ignorance and greed which gives birth to fear that vacuums the life-force we share. In our hearts, we are toddlers and children prone to believe thoughts that echo in our minds as reflections of ideas and beliefs incompatible with what we intuitively know.  We have a natural thirst for Ma’at, yet, the programming is strong and the themes are repetitive, hence our identity becomes so eroded that we are CHALLENGED to recognize self in each other.
As a result, reminders are necessary to impress upon us that ‘We Share the Same Journey’.  Again, you may ponder why? That which we witness daily as ‘NEWS’ reflects a one dimensional world which restricts us to four directions, as it focuses on agreed upon events hailing from designated areas as North, East, West, and South.  Today, you are reminded that your internal ‘gyroscope’ will be activated with music in this life’s journey. Welcome to the trail – the Path – the Tao, a vibration on Anansi’s web as we navigate the journey we all share – LIFE!

Staying Focused - Maintain Heading
 14 July 2010   03:10 EST
27 June 2010   03:38 EST
We Share The Same Journey
Your internal gyroscope allows you to maintain alignment with the “Spirit” within. There are many names for this “Divine Force” that enables you to navigate any domain, for that matter - any dimension. It is OK to refer to it as a voice that inherently connects you to all, everyone and everything.  

This planet dances on the dynamic vortex which has us facing peril everyday.  That is why ~ “LOVE makes the world go round.” If you think this is cliché?  Have you ever seen prejudices and ignorance go out the window when there is a vehicle accident, a traumatic incident or a so called natural disaster?  Have you ever been in the emergency room (ER) and watched the ER team endless questions of Why, and philosophical beliefs instantaneously shift into oblivion as soon as a patient arrives? Have you ever seen the face of despair on a homeless person just squeak by on a heart of dignity, a senior citizen, a hungry child, a neglected animal heart song in their eyes?  Sure you have. And, what does this do to you?  It evokes the resonance of empathy, and activates the ‘mirror neurons’ in your brain. At that very moment, if you are unable to make a difference, you experience that fleeting moment - a sensation you lack adjectives to describe – that is the GOD in you. That is the fabric being woven into the ‘patch-work quilt’ of your unlabeled humanity which transcends, gender, age, cultural, religious, and ethnic shards of our collective shattered identity – as hue-mans.

In the event you are slightly perplexed – just a little bemused to fathom where we are going, catch your breath, because WE are about to heal the world. The very air you breathe is directly related to ocean currents, mountains, the forest and the trees; all the foliage that surrounds us.  From an ecological point of view – your habitat also referred to as your environment. 

In simple terms, where we live or struggle to live, due to the ignorance that stifles the fluidity of living - into just getting by, ‘one-day-at-a-time’.   For example, that man made geyser of crude gushing from the gulf in the ocean – we can curtail its devastation.  Sadly, we could have stopped it a lot earlier. Yes – stopped it!  As a matter of fact, lets just STOP it, and abstain from the thoughts of when or have “they” contained it yet?  Just think it, and affirm it, and ask the earth to forgive the ignorance, and misguided corporate entities' duplicity in aiding & abetting myopic political agendas. 

Have you ever swum in the amniotic fluid of the earth – off the shores of beautiful beaches where you could see the coral, the fishes, and a few things you had no words for? It is as hypnotic as watching babies sleep, as beautiful as any woman, as handsome as any man, as grand as any yacht. It is creation and evolution unfolding right before your eyes, with a simultaneous exquisite massage by the currents rhythmically spiraling around your person.  What can “I” (my person) tell you, other than remind you of things you have tucked away into your genetic memories. “I” am that echo of unspoken thoughts that rekindle memories of the first time you laughed until you cried tears of joy, a sensation that bathed your brain in endorphins of pleasure so overwhelming that your heart summoned a signal to make such memories real - - in spite of the journey ahead.        

Reality Check ~ Abracadabra: Is it Madness or Magic?

by Mfundi Rasayon, PhD on 10/07/11

First of all, the Gentleman @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of Washington, DC, USA still has my support. Now, please allow me to explore the issues before us that somehow have been skewed to suggest that the current President's pace is too slow in addressing the plethora of critical concerns impacting this nation. The above translates into why "I" have been away so long.  In these very challenging times, all of us must be astute & resolute in handling our affairs. The current economic "zeitgeist" is indeed, the sign of our times.  

~~ Being the President of one of the most gifted nations on the 3rd planet from the Sun, which is only one of greater than 200 billion stars. (The sun is a star, Eteoha, Terra, Ereds, Eresetu, Diqiu, Prthv, Gaia, Tellus; aka "earth" is merely a small planet). Yes my siblings, she has many, many names.  Please pardon the tangent?  "I" am merely attempting to illustrate where we fit into the grand scheme of the universe. With greater than 200 billion stars, it is incalculable to surmise how many planets reside in the galaxies.

Moving forward, the US President, has a sworn duty to the Republic, rather than this planet. As such, those duties transcend the above average human inhabitant's imagination. Understandably, the lay public receives information on a "need-to-know basis." And, guess what? That same tenet applies to the President.  Having shared that, the quagmire unfolds. The current US President is genuinely interested in empowering the people to navigate their destiny. After all, the republic constitutes the people; at least, this is what the language suggests. However, Republicans slice the pie to serve the needs of their constituents, and Democrats claim to slice the pie for all of theirs (the people), that is, those who are eligible to participate in the electoral process.

Such language gives rise to what the Original Native Americans referred to as, "speaking with a forked-tongue" ~ double talk!  Herein lies the ultimate challenge. The President is attempting to empower the people, and contrary to popular belief, he too receives "stories." Albeit his information network dwarfs the people with respect to volume, urgency & priority, information is delivered ad infinitum on a "need-to-know basis," a great deal of which lacks corroboration.  In today's world, a substantial amount of 'intelligence' is "cyber-alert-chatter;" most of which is distractive & disinformation. This begets the inquiry,'who decides what the President should know'?

Abracadabra, briefing protocols were in place prior to him being sworn in.  Generations before Facebook & Twitter, The Associated Press & World Press, and a variety of International Intelligence agencies with a spectrum of "storefronts" to leak and or tweak information controlled the stream of thought. Thereby, influencing the ebb & flow of global stock markets, with Wall Street serving as a pillar of the US hub.  Reality Check, the Internet has changed all of that into something new, so new, that it morphs like a chameleon, as you read these words! 

The magic of Abracadabra has mutated into the MADNESS fueled by the "good-old-boys" pulling strings in the House & Senate to toy with this country's solvency and stability like kids 'playing seesaw' on the playground. Essentially, on any given project or Bill, they 'call huddle' ~ followed by a time out or throwing a questionable flag to distract and or frustrate the republic (the people). As a result, the lay public reacts to the cues amplified by the magicians of the media ~Abracadabra~ only to beget Marvin Gaye's classic, "What's Going On" ~~~ 

Your attention becomes focused on an illusion, which prompts you to believe that the President has the power & resources to make these tricks transparent.  Hence, the paradox, and the oxymoron of "Freedom of Speech" in a system of Free Enterprise married to capitalism announce its presence. Money and resources purchases marketing strategies and tactics to deliver inaccurate information daily.

And, woe to those who dare violate that market of stock - cash flow in the money mill of GLOBAL PLUTOCRACY! Safe passage IS ostracism and loss of job. 

At such times, because of the Internet, and the time sensitive parameters of controlling group-think, tactics of immediacy are deployed - Abracadabra, the magic of marketing madness, that is confusion - the twin of chaos.

This is analogous to you trying to drive your car during rush hour in the heart of the Holiday season with 3 kids in the back seat, while two have managed to release their seatbelts attempting to stick their heads - out the window. Mind you, the falling snow is becoming heavier ~ slush is building up, and Troopers are trying to extract those drivers who are "tipsy" from the flow of traffic. You are driving, with nowhere to pull over - while the only child in a seatbelt has begun to lament about how he needs to go to the toilet. And, in the event - you are among those readers who question the relevance of such a scenario or metaphor, remember, our children are our most precious cargo. 

If you are still oblivious, the primary objective is to get them to a safe & secure place, to ensure their future & prosperity. Such is the sworn duty and mission of the President, prior to being baptized into the ocean of turbulent murky waters, which has buried skeletons in deep sea chests rather than a skeleton or two in a closet.  Welcome to the true face of international politics, where high school civics has been replaced with "sacrifices-have-to-be-made," collateral damage and a "threat to national security," often become a manufactured priority.  This ending statement, Trumps the needs of the middle & working class everyday!!

Abracadabra, now that is magic, because you are still trying to figure out - What's happening, as you get a taste of the "Inner City Blues," while you are being served "Wag The Dog" A la Carte, rather than the hologram - buffet style.

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