Mfundi/Teacher, Dr. Rasayon is the 7th born of the Bali-Cox clan, the co-conduit of Tekau Turiya (daughter) and a Behavioral Neuroscientist, who completed the first EEG (brain waves) study on culture and learning styles among Afrikan-Amerikan males at Howard University. The ‘Mfundi’ is also an honor's graduate of NC A&T and FISK University's joint graduate program with MeHarry Medical College in Clinical-Community Psychology. His Master's thesis examined the psychological characteristics of vegetarians & non-vegetarians. He is a Board Certified Fellow & Diplomate in Afrikan Centered-Black Psychology. In addition, he has taught psychology for greater than twelve years, three of which included teaching in the U S Pentagon. In 1989 & 1990, he presented as a Danforth-Compton scholar at Brown University and Yale University. Periodically, in the social sciences arena, he does major presentations at the national level on Brain-Behavior relationships, Apperception, and the impact of Institutional Racism on humanity and cultural inclusion. Niyana continues to embrace teaching as an Associate Professor, as well as his special interests in orthomolecular interventions in treating mental health problems, neuroplasticity, and axonal shearing in chronic brain trauma (concussions & mTBI). To learn more about his most recent project, CLICK  the above top right link on:
~~~~~~ DEZOMBIFICATION ~~~~~~ 

Additional links to your right are excellent resources  on Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), neuroplasticity, traumatic brain injury (TBI & minimal TBI), and cerebrovascular accidents (strokes). They represent  four of the most comprehensive sites in 'user-friendly' language on the brain, strokes,  and 'cutting edge' research on mental health.  To your left, beneath the image of the BRAIN is a video, that will clarify the difficulty in confirming mTBI in Wounded Warriors, as well as the master website for military families. Remember, subtle BRAIN injuries, rarely produce the loss of blood, because they bleed the essence of one's character and SOUL.

Dr. Rasayon, as a health consultant is available to any hue-man seeking a 'Brain Tune-Up', or any organization attempting  to motivate their staff to optimize resources & talent. Detailed presentations on Brain Development,  Culture & plasticity are available upon request. His work is best summarized in the book: Reality Check: A Manual for the Hue-man Octahedron & the Mystery of Melanin. The material is definitely "outside of the box," particularly the information on cultural conditioning and the role of the pineal gland in consciousness. This book culminates into a detailed chapter on how to address the total health needs of melanin dominant hue-mans. Why this group? They are the most marginalized victims in need of health care on earth. As it concludes, you are escorted on a poetic & stimulating  tour of rhyme, composed to feed the heart ~ and the right hemisphere of the brain.

Finally, there is the most recent project, taken from ‘The Awakening Blog’ throughout the year of 2013  ~~ “The Awakening: OMG the President Is Black,” a book that will prove to be invaluable in clarifying why we should always VOTE, even when the media amplifies the most popular & well funded corporate messages that strongly suggests - 'we're just pawns'. So, once again, I voted for an ENCORE to highlight the breadth of their arrogance & ignorance. More importantly, this book illustrates the deception of skewed popularity polls.  Further, it brings some clarity to what drives the incessant chaos orchestrated by the manufactured  fear and division perpetuated by the "good-old-boys", as products of Triple-P & R, Paranoia, Prejudice,  Propaganda, and    ~~~~~   RACISM   ~~~~~ 

Perhaps, you noticed, the proposed dates to release the book on 'transcending the fear of death and dying', as well as, address the process of ascension when "hue-mans" cross-over has moved. Originally, this project was scheduled to be released in 2012. However, due to a visit by the insidious & uninvited
stealth snatcher of life, my earthly goals were rewritten. The divine order of the Universe and unimaginable power of the GREAT SPIRIT took my person - on an excruciatingly painful & personal journey. ~ ~ ~ ~ This RESET my personal clock  for Living. Virtually, everything had to be adjusted.

On the 28th of March, on the 88th date of the year 2012, my youngest daughter ascended from her Temple.  This earthly experience literally ushered me into a realm of reflection that prompted me to question the fabric of reality. "I" became immersed, even though; "I" had penned philosophical views many years before. "I" can TRULY state, I HAVE NEVER KNOWN SUCH PAIN.  As a result, my entire life was rearranged and the dates for completion changed. With its own rhythm, "I" anticipate  its  release by the Summer of 2017.  It has become apparent to me, that its release seems to be influenced by sources beyond my control. 

I too,  look forward to reading the final version of this renaissance document - on what happens to those we LOVE, when their  vessel leaves this realm. 

For the curious, who truly seek to respect and glimpse who she is, 'independent' of the limited views & beliefs of her Dad,  feel free to click the Pink links on your right.

TEKAU was an OASIS for anyone who was thirsty.
Her Love & Compassion remains
 Unconditional !!

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