Due to the increasing demand received in personal emails rather than the Website to which you are presently connected, “I” have elected to share the above graphic. It is designed to visually capture the thematic depth of a few major presentations. The imagery is a quasi-collage of 21st century technology. It evokes the archetypes many westerners harbor within their subconscious minds that encroach upon reality! It unveils the insidious tools of technology employed to mechanize our minds, as we bypass hue-man emotion - morphing into ghoulish ‘spooks on asphalt,’ who are often observed wearing suits.  

To an immeasurable degree, many of us have come to rely on digital signals as an acceptable buffer to hue-man interactions, and the pseudo-antiquated experience of reading. Although, the original intent of this visual purgatory  was employed to remind us of the invisible “chains of slavery,” reflection  prompted me to share it with the collective family.  Although, touch is essential to human maturation, in the so-called “civilized world,” we have developed an addiction to the perpetual infusion of electromagnetic pulses.   Our perception has succumb to the global blindness caused by the cataracts of silicon chips that cloak vision, to the degree that we are hypnotized into perceiving cyberspace as a sanctuary. I submit to you, that we are in dire need of  a ‘Brain-Tune-Up’ as a prerequisite to “ The Awakening.”

As you engage in this medium to explore the journey of reclaiming the joy of becoming hue-man again. The omnipresence of technology and micro-technology has undermined our intuitive resonance by supplanting it with intangible wireless interactions. Face to face contact is essential for human empathy. Otherwise, our conscious connections diminish daily. In short, we are becoming a nation of “Zombies,” vulnerable to programming by algorithms, Droids and portable remote devices. As a consequence, many of us are de-evolving into “digital voyeurs and cyber-bullies” disconnected from being hue-man. The cumulative affect makes us less able to recognize the spiritual essence of our collective soul. O-oops, I almost forgot, PLEASE check the Cell Phone link above to hear a detailed presentation on microwaves, brain cancers, health and fertility?    Moving forth, allow me to operationalize the term that follows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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​                                       ~~~ DEZOMBIFICATION ~~~

DEZOMBIFICATION (DZ) requires interactive training workshops.  DZ will upgrade  how you approach life. The Experiential Reprogramming Protocols (ERP) are designed to deactivate & remove any embedded viral material (EVM) within the hue-man Psyche & person, that corrupts and/or undermines optimal functioning,  thereby, enhancing business and personal relationships.

In summary, several levels of competence can be achieved.  One level reflects  Immediate Cognitive Restructuring (ICR), and the next level anchors Long term cognitive retooling (LTCR).  Finally, the third stage ~ upon completion, fosters a mindset complementary to the natural rhythm & "Schumann Resonance" of the planet. At this rank, which is the most advanced degree, one will be able to intuitively recognize 'self' in others.  So, how does it work ~ or how is it done?   Give us a call and schedule a session?  You will see . . .  

          It is as simple as shifting from 

     ~That~                      ~ To ~                        ~This~ 
Dezombify Your 
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