As a visitor & guest of the EYES Of MA’AT, you are encouraged to explore The MIND & Brain-Tune-Ups. If you require personalized support & direction, please feel free to send us an E-mail.  For those of you new to the path of Ancient Egyptian Mysticism or Kemetic philosophy, MA’AT simply means Truth, Justice, Harmony and reciprocity, according to natural law.  The 'iconic' Egyptian Eyes symbolize vision into the world of the visible, and the unseen world that stimulates the heart - aka ‘Inner vision’. The left EYE is for KNOWLEDGE & the right EYE is for WISDOM.  Hence, this pulse of energy strung together on “Anansi’s web” primary focus will be to curtail your chances of being ‘tricked’ - by the weavers of chaos and confusion with  the paralysis of fear fueled by disinformation  and divisiveness.
      Therefore, it is my hope and pledge to use this portal to clarify that we are all kindred “Spirits,” during these very challenging times for all life-forms struggling to reconnect with our ecosystems. Decades of research and dialogue with peers, friends and foe - teaches me, that the Truth is elusive - because many things distract us, while the ‘weavers of deceit’ coach us into believing that we are enemies. That being stated, I invite you to read, review and ‘re-read’ the works referenced at this site, and cross reference the material to enhance your vision that you may see all of us - as family, through the voices of - OUR MUSIC!!

Westerners have a saying. “Time is money.”  Please allow me to humbly amend that cliché.  Time is life, and another opportunity to invest in it.  So by virtue of the fact, that somehow you have drifted, was escorted or otherwise invited, perhaps even recommended - you are now in the “Eyes of Ma’at,” which is more of a state than a place that fuses heart to mind.  ~ ~ ~ By the way ~~ nothing happens by chance.  

Time is precious, and “I” truly respect yours. So, if you are in search of that eureka moment you are in for a sweet surprise, because you are about to travel within.  If we embrace an optimistic outlook, perhaps these words will give you a nudge.  And, before "I" forget, take this as a warning.  Please avoid this site, if you find self exploration uncomfortable. Because as you scroll through The Eyes of Ma’at, “Knowledge of Self,” born from that ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) adage, “Know Thyself” will slowly unfold with each line you read.  Although, meditation, deep reflection, prayer, chanting and READING can produce profound insight, MUSIC has ALWAYS proven to be the oil that opens doors that appear to be frozen shut.  And, like any journey, it takes TIME and thought to select preferred routes.  Accepting this as one reason to visit this site, you are encouraged to stay & read a while.  However, remain mindful that the internet is an insidious and protracted theft - of time. So, watch yourself?   And, as you reflect, flow – pause, and embrace you, because the Man (or woman) in the mirror’ often generates discomfort, and anxiety.   Too often we dislike what we see. As a result, our thoughts are channeled to less stressful outlets, in efforts to forestall 'The Awakening' of inner  vision.  A bright light radiating from within can be pretty scary.

Depending upon where you are, chances are likely, that you are among the uninitiated, particularly if you think terms like Spiritual, esoteric, occult, divine law, and ritual imply something negative.  Hopefully, this comment will better illuminate my point?  The Hawaiian term “Kahuna,” westerner’s interpret as Priest, which leaves out a critical component; the actual meaning, “Keeper of the secret(s).”  Eyes of Ma’at (EOM) will assist you in getting a very good handle on one of those secrets. Specifically, what makes us one in our quest for balance and harmony?  Understandably, most of us are rather preoccupied.  Therefore, incentive, neither time or duties would entrust us to serve as sentinels of such knowledge.   Wisdom is quite at home in the shade, rather than on display for all to 'toy with & test'.  

Eight years at each of the seven identified major chakras in gaining insight amplifies ones’ chances of Spiritual maturity, coupled with a natural diet and cleanliness.  “Indigo Children” like Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Esperanza Spalding ancestral sophistication is evident in their presentation, hence they can jump frequencies, and those years to grow were awakened in their genes at an early age. "I" am certain that most of you have heard of "old Spirit." You see, the vibrations of one through seven repeat themselves when they reach eight. Everything starts anew at a different frequency, hence octaves have esoteric meaning directly related to each chakra, and they find harmonic resonance in major and minor chords according to voice/instrument expressions. 

Difficult choices are usually unpopular.  They require inner vision, and tremendous discipline to stay focused. Change helps one cultivate these different approaches to interacting with the world.  To a chameleon change comes naturally, however for hue-mans, it seems to be inherently challenging, particularly if the path questions tradition. Freewill becomes one’s navigation system for personal growth and this makes the manipulators of consciousness uncomfortable. Most minds are highly impressionistic because new brain cells are like rhythmic Jell-O seeking balance, hence freewill suggests autonomy. Conversely, society teaches compliance (limited choices) and dependence, and MUSIC liberates the Soul to move freely – hence freewill.  As stated, the ability to make choices has constricted parameters endorsed by those who attempt to control the Arts; in particular, music, cinema and dance. 

Clearly, the ability to choose - evokes fear among traditionalists and/or conservatives. And, fear is usually a result of receiving information we are unfamiliar with; consequently, we become uncomfortable and orchestrate avenues to control it.  When information is interpreted at the spinal cord rather than the cerebrum, hue-mans know what to do. However, when it reaches the frontal lobes after traveling neuronal highways from limbic structures it is subject to conditioned paths/prejudices. This is why the heart is critical to navigate life and buffer the affairs of all hue-mans. Intuitions override ignorance when the intellect seeks predetermined guidelines to follow. 

In a ‘nutshell’ so called thinking is a product of beliefs, programming, and cultural conditioning. Therefore, fear is often stirred among the masses with comprehensive hierarchical marketing strategies that literally have the power to create beliefs and assign value.  Eyes of Ma’at arrived millennia ago, so these comments are merely echoes of truth.  The host of this portal in NO WAY can lay claim to the Grand Hall of Records this tangible body is privileged to share. This site is merely a grain of sand from the vast oceans of knowledge that await you in your quest.  So, let the valves of your heart entrain to the chimes of truth written on the banner you carry within.  ~~  Step forward ~ Stand firm ~ Few are willing to entertain views that differ from their own . . .

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