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 "His-Story" is a Lie! America claims U S Slavery was not 
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The 16th of December 2022

Because we have lost the ability to look into each other’s eyes to see ourselves, we revisit the quest of the centuries to examine ancient ruins, scrolls, cells, & stars with microscopes & telescopes - in search of our true identity.
You have just boarded flight 007 -- to places Captain Kirk could never take you, even with the knowledge of the universe possessed by the enigmatic genius of Spock.  Choose a seat. The Thought Police were excluded from this flight. Know then – that downloading the forthcoming information into active organic memory may disrupt your present perceptions of reality.  As a result, unusual synaptic activity (neurochemical ionic brain signaling) may ensue, thereby initiating a phenomenon Neuropsychologists & Cognitive Psychologists reference as ‘meta-cognition’, (MC) - thinking about the origin of your thoughts.  Remain alert, MC may open doors previously unnoticed and this may evoke stress.  Fundamental to this state of stress will be an inquiry characterized by silent reflections on one theme that focuses on “Knowledge of Self.”  To that end, allow me to pose two questions regarding the journey of self-discovery.  “Are those your thoughts you are thinking;” (Vraiment?) & how do you know? 
How does one determine what is real -- in a world where someone else determines what you think?  Seriously, who are you?  What do you eat? Where do you spend your money or to whom do you give it?  Ask yourself, what do you actually believe?
It was the 10th of February ’07, on a cold brisk Saturday in Springfield Illinois when the Junior Senator Barack Obama announced his official candidacy for President of the United States.  And, within ninety days, an adult woman who was told when she was only eight, “You are as pretty as a speckled pup, and you have such beautiful bee stung lips.” Forty-five years later in May 2007, she announced to the world – ‘He’s the one y’all’ . . . and, as the weeks went by, the mainstream media attempted to weave a web of controversy around her character.
The “good old boys’ have being calling the shots for centuries, with coercion, pen & paper, news shows, and movies.  OPRAH, how dare she endorse this Black man and rock the boat of western tradition? Had she not learned her lesson - when she commented about not eating beef.  .  .
Before the current President ‘moved his Family’ to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, his election team launched a Website, which provided his supporters & others a special “cyber-courtesy;” a place to Blog and record their observations at a’ Web portal’ “Organizing for America.” Something stirred inside of me – a Blog that lacked redundancies and minutia that could address the bright light of “Hope” radiating from former Senator Barack Obama.  A light so bright, that it induced pain in the eyes of people accustomed to darkness, and a light so strange that it evoked fear in the corners of government where the ‘good old boys’ hid their skeletons of historical deceit.  

The Awakening
 OMG the President Is Black

This book summarizes the journey of the first recognized African-American President, and why "the good old boys" are so afraid of the symbolic messages of his leadership. Further, it speaks to the influence of the Native Americans in this country’s governance. In addition, it addresses Obama's unique challenges through the lens of social neuroscience, as he navigates the presidency. Finally, it sheds some light on the spiritual significance of his tenure, and how the world views people of color. It was released in 2013, as a 6X9 softback, 321 pages of ink with 3 color figures and 1 black & white diagram.

 .Reality Check 
A Manual for the Hue-man Octahedron & The Mystery of Melanin

Originally released as an uncut Diamond. Now, it is a polished exquisitely cut 'one-of-a-kind' GEM of Natural Psychology, Spirituality,  New Age Physics, politics and insight on total health for melanin dominant hue-mans.  Its thematic message is to STUDY, in order to gain greater knowledge of self. Further, it speaks to the unspoken relationship all hue-mans share. It candidly addresses the forces that undermine our ability to see each other as family. There are 6 figures in color, and 6 black & white in this soft-back 287 pages 6X9 text, revised for 2013. The book culminates with a poetic overture to a forthcoming composition on the difficulty hue-mans have with accepting "death", when a loved one ASCENDS.                     

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Reality Check
The Awakening

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The Awakening 
Reality Check