How to 
Reprogram The Afrikan Mind

February 2017
 Brain Tune Ups
Training & Consultations

Grief, Individual & Group Counseling 
  Post -Traumatic Stress Syndromes,  Brain Trauma & Concussions,   Benefits of Diversity Inclusion, Counseling for Athletes, Wounded  Warriors, and Training Police Officers in 
Non-confrontational Interventions  

~ ​UDC's Black History Panel ~
Healing History TBA

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August 2017

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Gus T. Renegad  

Interview 8-9 November 2016
Dr. Niyana Rasayon
on Dr. Welsing's Prediction

Her Prophetic Insights
Announced December 2015

Election 2016 before the ballots
were counted

Amira's sketch of HU's Founders  Library  '07
Each Day
​with Nia!

This is your
Purpose for
Dr. Rasayon
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When you learn to see with your Heart, your Mind will be on the path to Peace.

And, when you learn to give from your Soul, you will have arrived.
In Washington DC
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