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Eyes Of MA'AT
Gyroscope 7
Habari Gani (Swahili - the News of the day), Shem zeman (Hebrew – season of the Sun), both of which suggest unbiased clarity rendered by the Sun or the ‘zeitgeist’ (Spirit of the times) was governed by the Sun.  Even in the vernacular of Ebonics, “What it is or what’s happening?” or taking ‘one day-at-a-time’ offered some faith into the belief that the next day, is, “as sure as the Sun.”  Melanin dominant people have always operated out of cycles or the circle of life being attributed to the Sun.  Thereby, giving extraordinary meaning to having a special ‘scope’ or vision of the circle or sphere to represent our mutual existence attributed to the Sun. Gyroscope 7 (G7) is the perfect tool & metaphor for such a message, (as derived from Greek, meaning circle watcher).  It allows one to navigate north, east, south, west, up, down and any angle in between, regardless of trajectory to provide accurate vectors to reach a given destination. Ideally, G7 will make ‘Real-time GPS’ look like a classic road-map highlighted by 'Triple AAA' to facilitate your journey on U S highways.   G7 will escort you to realms - beyond. The foci of the two primary books referenced at this site have been written to put a few basic concepts into perspective regarding Spirituality. 

The “7” is referenced to designate the pineal gland or the 7th chakra, the 3rd Eye or the practice embraced by Mahayana Buddhists as ZEN; deep meditation and reliance on one’s intuitions.  Therefore, the 7 is included to serve as a visual catalyst to awaken you to a level of perception inherent to all hue-mans, albeit dormant among most of us, because we are immersed in the fog of electromagnetic smog which cloud our perceptions of “reality.”  In addition, at the 7th level, energy moves as it does on a musical scale, it jumps; hence the reference to octaves, and different planes of resonance. Upon this, ALL Hue-mans can agree – music is pure mathematics married to the eternal spouse of “Sacred Geometry,” the divine NTR or true voice of GOD, even if you profess to be an atheist.  

E=MC2 and its frequency will determine an expression of light, sound or mass; energy is OM & at times referenced as “Ohm.” From time to time, you will be reminded of ways to steer clear of the lullabies that foster a ‘dream-state.’  As you read and cross reference these broad brush statements, you will gain deeper and more useful insights into the profound power of your intuitions. In addition, you will come to recognize the pineal gland as an ‘organic gyroscope’ capable of allowing you to navigate other dimensions. In other words, places with expressions of energy being manifest at frequencies beyond the range of the five senses.  G7 is a docking station provided by “The Eyes of MA’AT” to help visitors gain greater insights into our universal oneness.  Because of the ‘shem shameh, zeitgeist or ‘sign of the times’ a few anchors are needed to curtail the sensationalism unfolding as we grow closer to the ending of a ‘great cycle’ marked on the Mayan ‘long count’ calendar - as the winter Solstice of 2012.  All “G7” entries are being shared in the Spirit of illumination introduced by the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Akhenaton.  He introduced to the world a way to apply the principles of MA’AT.   Remain mindful that the Priests had a different agenda designed to minimize access to such knowledge.  However, today a substantial amount of this information can be found in BOOKS, yet it takes a discerning eye to recognize its merit.  

Actually, the word biblios which gives us the word bible means book, and a book is a collection of pages or a record of transaction/(s) that serve as a document of proof. Think of a ‘book-keeper’ or booking a flight. The same concept is suggestive of verifiable records.  In fact, before a book is produced, one generates a draft prior to rendering its final state, hence revised editions or versions may follow.  You my dear visitor may find information on Wikipedia, rather than ‘encyclopedia’, which is historically written by a team of "approved" scholars, scientists and writers.  Whereas, Wikipedia is a product of ‘cyberspace astronauts’ motivated and savvy enough to add and/or modify entries often void of any verifiable credentials.  Accepting these concerns as ongoing ‘flags’ to further explore and or corroborate the veracity of what you may read or browse – I STRONGLY encourage any reader to seek out secondary sources to check whatever you may find here or any thread on Anansi’s web.  Any Hacker worth his/her fine motor dexterity, and cognitive gifts to break or bypass code can tell you that the “Internet” is a vast ‘Web’, where anything can be spun and woven until viewers declare it as worthy of dialogue or even - belief. With the above premise as a prelude to what is to come, I employ you to dance on this intangible web to any tune you fancy, because we are embarking on a journey to revisit everything you have come to believe as “reality” and for that matter, what is paraded before your eyes & ears everyday as Harvard’s motto: VERITAS ~ TRUTH, may in fact be an illusion.

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