Hotep, Hépíng yǔ shēntǐ jiànkāngNamasté, As-Salāmu `Alaykum,  Aloha, Shalom, Mitakuye Oyasin, and  A u m. Welcome to Mfundi Rasayon's website, Eyes Of MA'AT & The MIND. This is a comprehensive 'life-management' organization, equipped to train you & your staff to “think outside of the box”, with less stress, more productivity, and greater health! More importantly, empower you, to identify those tools of autonomy to sustain optimal performance & utilization of resources with visible esprit de corps, and minimal wear & tear on all personnel, including your family. 

Doctor Rasayon is a trained Behavioral Neuroscientist who is better known for his thought provoking presentations on the brain and information processing styles across hue-mans. Recently, he published his findings in two books, "Reality Check . . .", and a follow up entitled, "The Awakening . . ." The candor in the texts leaves no room for doubt the road we must travel to coexist on this very small planet - we call "earth."  

In life,  we often need to be reminded, that a closed hand is unable to receive, and a closed mind fails to explore different perspectives.  The image above is the cover of my most recent project, which speaks to the inherent challenges faced by The Obama Administration.  Moreover, it clarifies why this President is being held to a different set of "standards." It also addresses the need for people to rise above their personal prejudices to free themselves from the ignorance and temporary sanctuary of "group-think".  

'The Awakening'  reads like 'nothing' published in the "mainstream." It will give you a glimpse into the 'fear-of-Blackness' that fuels the paranoia of the "good-old-boys", while it simultaneously points out  that presidents are elected to preside. It ends with a cogent commentary, which reiterates, that real power is born from people who recognize that their destiny becomes a by-product of choices. 
To order or read an excerpt, click the above link for the Papyrus Market, or the brush & folded page on your left to read the entire introduction. 

By the way, if you are still perplexed to fathom why males of color are being 'targeted' in America? Please, read "Simon Says" and Chapter Zero by clicking the title in your left margin or the G7 Scroll to your right? For the record, this entry is for People of Color and their families . . .

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